Four Reasons Why Removing Trees By Yourself Can Be A Bad Idea


Tree removal involves expert planning and timely execution that only a professional can perform. Though it may be tempting to do it yourself, removing trees without expertise is never a good idea. For top-rated tree service by Sidden Tree Service in Salisbury, NC, call (980) 521-6221.

Safety Hazard

Removing trees is a hazardous task that can severely injure anyone at the fall site if performed incorrectly. The size and impact of a falling tree can prove unpredictable to the untrained eye, with the tree landing in an unplanned position. Not only will you need to account for the tree’s fall, but also if the tree might roll away or slam into other trees.

Tree limbs and root systems may easily hurt a bystander seemingly well out of harm’s way. For example, lateral roots can extend for yards beyond their home tree and yank up the ground during tree removal. Likewise, branches may affect the direction and impact of a tree fall.

Expensive equipment

Tree removal requires hefty equipment specific to an arborist’s needs. While some might think a chainsaw is enough for taking down a tree, the truth is that much more equipment is necessary for removing trees. Machinery like excavators, cherry pickers, wood chippers, and pulley systems are just a few of the things essential during tree removal.

Suppose you do not already own this equipment or know how to operate the machinery. In that case, it is best to leave it to a tree removal service. After considering all costs, obtaining a professional’s aid is less expensive than renting each item. 

Property damage

Aside from danger to you, property damage is the most obvious reason not to cut down a tree. The unpredictable nature of a tree fall can wreak havoc on any item in the fall direction. A tree service will remove all potentially breakable items for you, including anything that could break in the aftermath of a fall.

If the tree in question borders someone else’s property, you must consult a professional before cutting it down. You may unknowingly cut down a neighbor’s tree or affect the property of a neighboring structure. A professional tree removal service will assess the property lines and nearby areas before taking action.

Before removing a tree, you must consider power lines, fire hydrants, electric meters, and underground wires. A falling tree could easily damage utility items, causing a service outage and affecting dozens of other people. A professional tree service will alert the appropriate companies beforehand and work with them so you are not liable.


An overlooked part of removing trees is cleanup. After the tree comes down, there will be the tree itself to remove, and any damaged items. If you enlist the help of a professional, they will remove the tree and leave your property as clean as they arrived.

Additionally, a tree removal means you will have a tree stump left behind. A tree removal service can grind the stump within the same session as the tree removal. Unoccupied tree stumps may appear as eyesores on your property and may be a safety hazard.

Why Sidden Tree Service?

Sidden Tree Service is a full-service timber and logging company with over thirty years of experience. We are a locally owned and operated company that takes pride in our comprehensive understanding of tree care and removing trees. Our services range from residential to commercial trimming, pruning, and cutting operations.

If you don’t know when the best time is to deal with tree removal, call Sidden Tree Services to inspect your tree issues. We proudly serve Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. Call (980) 521-6221 for a free quote today!

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